What is the full form of EDP

EDP Full Form is: Electronic Data Processing

E = Electronic 

D = Data 

P = Processing

  • Category: Electronics
  • EDP Full Form in Arabic is: معالجة البيانات الإلكترونية
  • EDP Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Procesamiento electrónico de datos
  • EDP Full Form in French is: Traitement électronique des données
  • EDP Full Acronym Form in Italian is: Elaborazione automatica dei dati

EDP Full Form or meaning in Electronics sector is: Electronic Data Processing

EDP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of EDP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
EDAPALAYAM HALT Indian Railway Station EDP
Embedded Data Processor Space Science EDP
Electronic Document Professional Job Title EDP
Emergency Defense Plan Military and Defence EDP
Elint Data Processor Military and Defence EDP
Ethylene Diamine Pyrocatechol Chemistry EDP
Electron Diffraction Pattern Electronics EDP
Electonic Data Processing Space Science EDP

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