What is the full form of MOV

MOV Full Form is: Metal oxide varistor

  • MOV Category: Electrical
  • MOV Full Form in Hindi is: मेटल ऑक्साइड वैरिस्टर
  • MOV Full Form in Bengali is: মেটাল অক্সাইড varistor
  • MOV Full Form in Marathi is: मेटल ऑक्साईड थर
  • MOV Full Form in Tamil is: உலோக ஆக்சைடு அடுக்கு
  • MOV Full Form in Telegu is: మెటల్ ఆక్సైడ్ పొర

 Full Form or meaning of MOV in Electrical sector is: Metal oxide varistor

MOV Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MOV

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
QuickTime Movie Computing MOV
Memorandum of Variance Space Science MOV
Timebased Multimedia File (apple Quicktime) File Type MOV
Margin of Victory Military and Defence MOV
Moranbah Airport Code MOV
Main Oxidizer Valve Space Science MOV
Materiel Obligation Validation Military and Defence MOV
Move Computer Assembly Language MOV
Management of Value Business Management MOV
Movie (autocad Autoflix) File Type MOV



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