What is the full form of IP

IP Full Form is: Informatics Practices

  • IP Category: Educational
  • IP Full Form in Hindi is: सूचना विज्ञान अभ्यास
  • IP Full Form in Bengali is: তথ্যবিদ্যা অনুশীলন
  • IP Full Form in Marathi is: माहितीशास्त्र सराव
  • IP Full Form in Tamil is: தகவல் நடைமுறைகள்
  • IP Full Form in Telegu is: ఇన్ఫర్మేటిక్స్ ప్రాక్టీసెస్

 Full Form or meaning of IP in Educational sector is: Informatics Practices

IP Full Form Image

Other Significant Full Form of IP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Initial Position Military and Defence IP
Internet Protocol Information Technology IP
Intelligent Peripheral Computer and Networking IP
Instructional Pointer Computer Assembly Language IP
Intraperitoneal Medical IP
Internet Packet Networking IP
Data (interactive Physics) File Type IP
Inspection Procedures (nrc Inspection Manual) File Type IP
ICHHAPUR Indian Railway Station IP
Immunoprecipitation Chemistry IP
Image Processing Military and Defence IP
BCP Internet Protocol Basic Call Processing (SG11) Computer and Networking IP
Instrument Panel Space Science IP
Identification of Position Space Science IP
Igloo Pallet Space Science IP
Impact Point Space Science IP
Inertial Processing Space Science IP
Instructor Pilot Space Science IP
Instrumentation Payload Space Science IP
Instrumentation Pcm (pressurized Cargo Module) Data Bus Space Science IP
Intermediate Pallet Space Science IP
Intermediate Pressure Space Science IP
International Partner Space Science IP
Inch-pound Measurement Unit IP
Intellectual Property Information Technology IP
Initial Point Space Science IP
Initial Permutation Maths IP
Intermediate Period Earth Science IP
Internal Pressure Physics Related IP
Induced Potential Physics Related IP
Interaction Point Physics Related IP
Interstitial Pneumonia Disease IP
Innings Pitched Sports IP
Initial Production Military and Defence IP
Information Processor Military and Defence IP
Informal Processing Military and Defence IP
Integer Programming Maths IP
Implementation Procedure Military and Defence IP
Intelligence Processing Military and Defence IP
Internal Protocol Military and Defence IP
International Patrol Military and Defence IP
Initial Point (bombing) Military and Defence IP
Imaging Plate Electronics IP



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