What is the full form of ISA

ISA Full Form is: Industry Standard Architecture

I = Industry  S = Standard  A = Architecture

  • Category: Computing/Hardware
  • ISA Full  Form in Arabic is: بنية صناعية قياسية
  • ISA Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Industry Standard Architecture
  • ISA Full  Form in French is: Bus ISA (Informatique)
  • ISA Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 工业标准结构

ISA Full Form or meaning in Computing and Hardware sector is: Industry Standard Architecture

ISA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ISA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Instruction Set Architecture Information Technology ISA
Information Systems Audit Banking ISA
Interim Stowage Assembly Space Science ISA
Initial Sun Acquisition Space Science ISA
Independent Safety Assessor Job Title ISA
Mount Isa Airport Code ISA
Input Signal Amplifier Computer Hardware ISA
Individual Savings Account Banking ISA
It’s So Annoying Messaging ISA
International Standard On Auditing Accounts and Finance ISA
International Standard of Auditing Accounts and Finance ISA
Iowa Soccer Association Sports ISA
International Standardization Agreement Military and Defence ISA
Inter-service Agreement Military and Defence ISA
Intelligence Support Activity Military and Defence ISA
Innovative Slot Allocation Telecommunication ISA
Internet Security and Acceleration Networking ISA
ISARDA Indian Railway Station ISA
Instrumentation Systems and Automation Chemistry ISA
Instrumentation Society of America Electronics ISA

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