What is the full form of DM

DM Full Form is: Direct Message

  • Category: Computing/Internet
  • DM Full Form in Japanese is: プライベート・メッセージ
  • DM Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Mensaje privado
  • DM Full Form in Chinese is: 私聊
  • DM Full Acronym Form in Russian is: Личное сообщение

 DM Full Form or meaning in Computing and Internet sector is: Direct Message

(Other significant Direct Message acronym is PM or Personal Message)

DM or Direct Message Pronunciation

DM Full Form

DM stands for “Direct Message.” The term refers to a direct message or email sent to someone. It is one of the simpliest way to crack a conversation on any social media platform. It is also a good way to display your business activities to friends and colleagues.

DM is often used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

Other Significant Full Form of DM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
District Magistrate Governmental Titles DM
Diabetes Mellitus Medical DM
Doctorate of Medicine Educational Degree DM
Dry Matter Measurement Unit DM
Differential Mode Computer and Networking DM
Dominica Country Names DM
Download Map Softwares DM
Disk Manager Softwares DM
DIMOW Indian Railway Station DM
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide Chemistry DM
Dipole Moment Chemistry DM
Defect Management Electronics DM
Doctor of Management Educational Degree DM
Doctor of Medicine (engl.) Educational Degree DM
Delta Modulation Telecommunication DM
Defect Mode Softwares DM
Desktop Manager Softwares DM
Directory Management Softwares DM
Data Manager Space Science DM
Development Motor Space Science DM
Disassembly Manual Space Science DM
Docking Mechanism Space Science DM
Document Space Science DM
Dark Matter Space Science DM
Data Management Space Science DM
Decimeter Measurement Unit DM
Dram (dynamic Random Access Memory) Module Electronics DM
German Mark (deutsche Mark) Banking DM
Doesn’t Matter Messaging DM
Don’t Mind Messaging DM
Debit Margin Accounts and Finance DM
Direct Material Accounts and Finance DM
Decision Maker Job Title DM
Dragon Maulers Job Title DM
Dark Mistress Job Title DM
Double Mode Computer Assembly Language DM
Draw More Computer Assembly Language DM
Direct Manipulation Computer Assembly Language DM
Display Message Computer Assembly Language DM
Display Memory Computer Assembly Language DM
Degree of Methylation Measurement Unit DM
Decimetre Measurement Unit dm
District Manager Job Title DM
Display Manager Job Title DM
Drink Maker Job Title DM
Dungeon Master Job Title DM
Dialog Machine Computer Hardware DM
Determinate Meaning Maths DM
Distance Modulus Maths DM
Deductive Method Maths DM
Deligne-mumford Stack Maths DM
Density Matrix Maths DM
Deep Mine Earth Science DM
Data Missing Database Management DM
Data Model Database Management DM
Display Medium Computer Hardware DM
Data Medium Computer Hardware DM
Distributed Memory Computer Hardware DM
Digital Media Computer Hardware DM
Discourse Marker Stock Exchange DM
Death Match Sports DM
Desperation Move Sports DM
Deferred Maintenance Military and Defence DM
Davis Monthan Military and Defence DM
Detection and Monitoring Military and Defence DM
Diesel Mechanical Military and Defence DM
Depleted Mantle Earth Science DM
Distance Measured Physics Related DM
Digital Management Business Management DM
Diabetes Management Business Management DM
Disability Management Business Management DM
Delivery Maturity Stock Exchange DM
digital marketing Internet Marketing DM
direct mail Communication DM

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