What is the full form of ALU

ALU Full Form is: Arithmetic Logic Unit

A = Arithmetic 

L = Logic 

U = Unit

  • Category: Computing/Hardware
  • ALU Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: অ্যারিথমেটিক লজিক ইউনিট
  • ALU Full Form in Spanish is: Unidad aritmética lógica
  • ALU Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 算術邏輯單元

ALU Full Form or meaning in Computing and Hardware sector is: Arithmetic Logic Unit

ALU or Arithmetic Logic Unit Pronunciation

Other Significant Full Form of ALU

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Analog Looping Utility Networking ALU
Audio, Lan, and Usb Networking ALU
Arithmetic/logic Unit Computer Hardware ALU
Applied Laser Unit Physics Related ALU
Assisted Living Unit Real Estate ALU
ARIYALUR Indian Railway Station ALU
A Linked Unit Space Science ALU
Arithmetic Unit Space Science ALU
Average Labor Unit Measurement Unit ALU
Alula Airport Code ALU

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