What is the full form of PDCA

PDCA Full Form is: Plan-do-check-act

  • PDCA Category: Computer Assembly Language
  • PDCA Full Form in Hindi is: प्लान-दा-चेक-अधिनियम
  • PDCA Full Form in Bengali is: পরিকল্পনা-দা-চেক-অ্যাক্ট
  • PDCA Full Form in Marathi is: योजना-दा-तपासणी कायदा
  • PDCA Full Form in Tamil is: பிளான்-டா-செக்-ஆக்ட்
  • PDCA Full Form in Telegu is: ప్లాన్-టు-చెక్-యాక్ట్

 Full Form or meaning of PDCA in Computer Assembly Language sector is: Plan-do-check-act

PDCA Full form 

Other Significant Full Form of PDCA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Procurement Design Completion Assurance Military and Defence PDCA
Parcel Description Certification Application Certifications PDCA

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