What is the full form of OTA

OTA Full Form is: Over The Air

O = Over

T = The

A = Air

OTA Full Form or meaning in Technology and Communication sector is: Over-The-Air

OTA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of OTA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Officers Training Academy Indian Ministry of Home Affairs OTA
Over-the-Air Activation Computer and Networking OTA
Open Tools Api (application Programming Interface) Softwares OTA
Optical Tube Assembly Physics Related OTA
Organized Team Activities Sports OTA
Off-season Team Activities Sports OTA
Office of Technology Assessment Military and Defence OTA
Mota Airport Code OTA
Office of Technology Alliances Technology OTA
Origin Technology Age Technology OTA
One True Army Military and Defence OTA
Officer Traning Academy (of India) Military and Defence OTA
Ortho-tolidine-arsenite Chemistry OTA
Operational Transconductance Amplifier Electronics OTA
Optical Telescope Assembly Space Science OTA
Occupational Therapy Assistant Job Title OTA

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