What is the full form of PUMA

PUMA Full Form is: Polyurethane Methyl Acrylate

  • PUMA Category: Chemistry
  • PUMA Full Form in Hindi is: पॉलीयुरेथेन मिथाइल एक्रिलेट
  • PUMA Full Form in Bengali is: পলিউরেথেন মিথাইল অ্যাক্রিলেট
  • PUMA Full Form in Marathi is: पॉलीयुरेथेन मिथाइल ऍक्रिलेट
  • PUMA Full Form in Tamil is: பாலியூரிதீன் மெத்தில் அக்ரிலேட்
  • PUMA Full Form in Telegu is: పాలియురేతేన్ మిథైల్ అక్రిలేట్

 Full Form or meaning of PUMA in Chemistry sector is: Polyurethane Methyl Acrylate

PUMA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PUMA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
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Program To Update and Modernize Accommodations Military and Defence PUMA
Planning and Urban Management Agency Business Management PUMA
Parallel Unstructured Maritime Aerodynamics Military and Defence PUMA
Puma SE (Footwear Company) Company Name PUMA



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