What is the full form of NFI

NFI Full Form is: Non Ferrous Impeller

  • NFI Category: Chemistry
  • NFI Full Form in Hindi is: नॉन फेरस इम्पेलर
  • NFI Full Form in Bengali is: অ লৌহঘটিত ইম্পেলার
  • NFI Full Form in Marathi is: नॉन फेरस इंपेलर
  • NFI Full Form in Tamil is: இரும்பு அல்லாத தூண்டுதல்
  • NFI Full Form in Telegu is: నాన్ ఫెర్రస్ ఇంపెల్లర్

 Full Form or meaning of NFI in Chemistry sector is: Non Ferrous Impeller

NFI Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of NFI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
National Foreign Intelligence Military and Defence NFI
Net Foreign Investment Stock Exchange NFI
No Financial Interest Accounts and Finance NFI



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