What is the full form of BOD

BOD Full Form is: Biological Oxygen Demand

B = Biological 

O = Oxygen 

D = Demand

  • Category: Chemistry
  • BOD Full Abbreviation Form in Arabic is: مطلوبية الأكسجين البيوكيميائية
  • BOD Full Form in Spanish is: Demanda biológica de oxígeno
  • BOD Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: உயிரிய உயிர்வளித் தேவை
  • BOD Full Form in Chinese is: 生化需氧量

BOD Full Form or meaning in Chemistry sector is: Biological Oxygen Demand

BOD or Biological Oxygen Demand Pronunciation

BOD Full Form

BOD stands for Biochemical Oxygen Demand. It is the amount of dissolved oxygen required by organic matter in a sample. The term is usually expressed in milligrams of oxygen per litre, and is an excellent way to gauge the pollution level of your water. This can be easily found by typing BOD into a search engine or by utilizing question structures. In both cases, you’ll get a list of all meanings of the term.

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