What is the full form of SD

SD Full Form is: Signed

SD Full Form or meaning in Business sector is: Signed

SD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Secure Digital Information Technology SD
Spectral Data Computer and Networking SD
Super Domain Computer and Networking SD
Show Descriptions Softwares SD
SIDHAULI Indian Railway Station SD
Structured Design Chemistry SD
Sound Dampened Electronics SD
Synchronous Dynamic Electronics SD
Small Dual In-line Package Electronics SD
Scsi (small Computer System Interface) Device Networking SD
Session Directory Networking SD
Same Domain Networking SD
Entropic Sound Sound Data Format File Type SD
Software Development Softwares SD
Software Design Softwares SD
Service Description Softwares SD
Stranger Danger Messaging SD
Super Duper Messaging SD
Scaling and Display Space Science SD
Smoke Detector Space Science SD
Solar Dynamic Space Science SD
Space Division Space Science SD
Standard Definition Electronics SD
Static Dissipation Electronics SD
Statistical Division Electronics SD
Sundry Deposit Banking SD
Saved The Day Messaging SD
San Diego Country Specific SD
Selective Default Computer Assembly Language SD
Sorted Directory Database Management SD
Single Data Database Management SD
Saving The Data Database Management SD
San (storage Area Network) Disk Computer Hardware SD
Spare Disposition Space Science SD
Specification Document Space Science SD
Subscale Demonstrator Space Science SD
Supplier Documentation Space Science SD
Sound Designer Job Title SD
Supervisor Duty Job Title SD
Somewhat Dependable Job Title SD
Site Director Job Title SD
Senior Deacon Job Title SD
Space Detective Job Title SD
Scale Dependent Maths SD
Standard Deviation Maths SD
Schwinger-dyson (equation) Physics Related SD
Super Deformed Physics Related SD
Supplementary Deposit Stock Exchange SD
Sudden Death Sports SD
Spin Down Computer Hardware SD
Scan Disk Computer Hardware SD
Smart Drive Computer Hardware SD
Smart Disc Computer Hardware SD
Strength Divisor Maths SD
Sentential Derivation Maths SD
Specialist Division Sports SD
San Diego Padres Sports SD
Seima Densetsu Computer Game Sports SD
Sicherheitsdienst Military and Defence SD
Special Duty Military and Defence SD
Strategy Division Military and Defence SD
Superior Defender Sports SD
Singles and Doubles Sports SD
Sun Dome Sports SD
Swiftly Defeated Sports SD
Super-dreadnought Military and Defence SD
Synchronization Directorate Military and Defence SD
Solicitation Document Military and Defence SD
Standby Distribution Military and Defence SD
Sudan Country Names SD
Statistical Doctor Educational Degree SD
Doctor of Spirituality Educational Degree SD
Speed Dial Telecommunication SD
Service Director Networking SD
Speed Download Networking SD

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