What is the full form of ROPP

ROPP Full Form is: Roll On Pilfer Proof

R = Roll

O = On

P = Pilfer

P = proof

  • Category: Business/Product
  • ROPP Full Form in German is: Ropp (Begriffsklärung)
  • ROPP Full Form in Russian is: Ропп (значения)

ROPP Full Form or meaning in Business and Product sector is: Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof

ROPP or Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof Pronunciation

ROPP Full Form

The ROPP abbreviation stands for Roll On Pilfer Proof,  the term used to describe the roll-over, Pilfer-Proof cap. It is made of a fine grade of Aluminum, which gives it ductility. Although the ROPP is not actually pilfer-proof, it is tamper-evident. It has been widely used in the wine and distillery industries.

This material has become an increasingly popular option for the production of liquid packaging.

Other Significant Full Form of ROPP

Full-Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Radio Occultation Processing Package Miscellaneous ROPP
Receiver Only Packet Pair Telecommunication ROPP
Rate Of Progress Plan Business ROPP
Receive Only Page Printer IT ROPP

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