What is the full form of PR

PR Full Form is: Public Relations

P = Public 

R = Relations

  • Category: Business
  • PR Full Form in Hindi is: जनसंपर्क
  • PR Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: জনসংযোগ
  • PR Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: பொதுத் தொடர்புகள்
  • PR Full Form in Arabic is: علاقات عامة

 PR Full Form or meaning in Business sector is: Public Relations

PR or Public Relations Pronunciation

PR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Puerto Rico Country Names PR
Please Retry Telecommunication PR
Perfect Resource Networking PR
Pressure Reference Chemistry PR
Plarock Electronics PR
Power Reference Electronics PR
Pair Space Science PR
Payload Recorder Space Science PR
Performance Report Space Science PR
Primary Space Science PR
Problem Report Space Science PR
Procurement Regulation Space Science PR
Performance Recognition Job Title PR
Performance Rating Job Title PR
Press and Release Computer Hardware PR
Pentium Rated Computer Hardware PR
Previous Residence Real Estate PR
Probably Ran Sports PR
Personal Record Sports PR
Pigeon Rank Sports PR
Power Rankings Sports PR
Pinch Runner Sports PR
Pick and Roll Sports PR
Purcell Realization Sports PR
Picatinny Rail Military and Defence PR
Preliminary Review Military and Defence PR
Photo Reconnaissance Military and Defence PR
Sun Raster File Bitmap Graphics File Type PR
BOMBAY PAREL Indian Railway Station PR
Praseodymium Chemistry Pr
Posting References Messaging PR
Program Revenue Accounts and Finance PR
Price Received Accounts and Finance PR
Position Record Space Science PR
Pressure Ratio Space Science PR
Pressure Regulator Space Science PR
Pulse Rate Space Science PR
Purchase Request Space Science PR
Pair Measurement Unit pr.
Personnel Recovery Military and Defence PR
Phoenix Raven Military and Defence PR
Primary Zone Military and Defence PR
Production Requirement Military and Defence PR
Program Review Military and Defence PR
Person Responsible Military and Defence PR

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