What is the full form of NPA

NPA Full Form is: Non-Performing Asset(s)

N = Non

P = Performing 

A = Asset(s)

NPA Full Form or meaning in Business and Banking sector is: Non-Performing Asset(s)

NPA or Non-Performing Asset(s) Pronunciation

NPA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of NPA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Network Provider Access Computer and Networking NPA
Numbering Plan Area Computer and Networking NPA
Net Pay Advice Job Title NPA
Pensacola (fl) Airport Code NPA
Number of Projected Attributes Database Management NPA
Nuclear Physics A Physics Related NPA
Nosferatu Players Association Sports NPA
New Peoples Army Military and Defence NPA
Numeral Prefix Allocation Telecommunication NPA
Network Point Address Networking NPA
Novell Product Announcement Softwares NPA
Normal Propyl Alcohol Chemistry NPA
No Parents Allowed Messaging NPA
No Parental Authorization Messaging NPA

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