What is the full form of MI

MI Full Form is: Xiaomi

  • Category: Business/Companies & Corporations
  • MI Full Form in Hindi is: शाओमी
  • MI Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: শাওমি
  • MI Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: சவுமீ
  • MI Full Form in Telegu is: షియోమి

MI Full Form or meaning in Business and Companies & Corporations sector is: Xiaomi

MI Full Form

Trade name
Native name
Romanized name
Type Public
Traded as
  • SEHK: 1810
  • Hang Seng Index component
Revenue Increase CN¥328.31 billion US$50.9 billion (2021)[1]
Operating income
Increase CN¥26.03 billion US$4.04 billion (2021)[1]
Net income
Decrease CN¥19.28 billion US$2.99 billion (2021)[1]
Total assets Increase CN¥292.89 billion US$45.41 billion (2021)[1]
Total equity Increase CN¥137.43 billion US$21.31 billion (2021)[1]
Number of employees
33,427 (31 December 2021)[1]
  • ZMI
  • Black Shark
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer hardware
Founded 6 April 2010; 12 years ago
Headquarters Haidian District,
Beijing, China
Area served
Key people
  • Lei Jun (CEO)
  • Mobile phones
  • Personal computers
  • IoT products
  • Redmi
  • Mijia
  • POCO

Other Significant Full Form of MI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Mumbai Indians IPL Team MI
Miscellaneous Work Item (ETSI) Computer and Networking MI
Multiple Inverse Maths MI
Market Intelligence Stock Exchange MI
Middle Initial Military and Defence MI
Military Intelligence Military and Defence MI
Mustered In Military and Defence MI
Military Industry Military and Defence MI
Milano, Italy Country Specific MI
Mustang Island Country Specific MI
Midway Island Country Specific MI
Micro Instruction Computer Assembly Language MI
Machine Interface Computer Assembly Language MI
Maskable Interrupt Computer Assembly Language MI
Management Information Space Science MI
Mile Space Science MI
Mile Measurement Unit mi.
Master Iridologist Job Title MI
Macmet, India Country Specific MI
Miles Measurement Unit MI
Mebi- (2^20) Measurement Unit Mi
Million Measurement Unit MI
Mounted Infantry Military and Defence MI
Mobile Infantry Military and Defence MI
Market Investigation Military and Defence MI
Mutual Information Database Management MI
Memory Information Computer Hardware MI
Mechanical Interlock Computer Hardware MI
Mainframe Interface Softwares MI
Manual Input Softwares MI
Multimedia Integrated Softwares MI
Mackay Icosahedron Chemistry MI
Mineral Insulated Electronics MI
Measurement Interval Electronics MI
Movement Instructions Military and Defence MI
Master Item Military and Defence MI
Mode Indicator Computer and Networking MI
Myocardial Infarction; Also Mitral Insufficiency Or Mental Institution Medical MI
Multi Interface Networking MI
Miscellaneous File Type MI
Menu Image Softwares MI
Machine Independent Softwares MI

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