What is the full form of IMC

IMC Full Form is: International Marketing Corporation

I = International 

M = Marketing Corporation

C = Marketing Corporation

IMC Full Form or meaning in Business and Companies & Corporations sector is: International Marketing Corporation

IMC or International Marketing Corporation Pronunciation


IMC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IMC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Indore Municipal Corporation Madhya Pradesh Government IMC
Internet Mail Consortium Computer and Networking IMC
Integrated Medical Courses Educational Degree IMC
International Multi-cache Sports IMC
Indy Media Center Sports IMC
Industrial Military Complex Military and Defence IMC
Inter Mud Communication Military and Defence IMC
International Mercenary Commandos Military and Defence IMC
Instrument Meteorological Conditions Military and Defence IMC
Investment Management Certificate Accounts and Finance IMC
Idealx Management Console Business Management IMC
Image Motion Compensation Space Science IMC
Impress, Motivate, Connect Job Title IMC
Integrated Magnetic Concentrator Physics Related IMC
Institute of Management Consultants Business Management IMC
Integrality Management Consulting Business Management IMC
International Management Center Business Management IMC
International Marketing Communications Educational Degree IMC
Intermediate Metal Conduit Telecommunication IMC
I Might Care Messaging IMC
Illusionary Minds Chat Messaging IMC
It’s My Company Messaging IMC
Institute of Management Consultancy Accounts and Finance IMC

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