What is the full form of GM

GM Full Form is: General Manager

G = General  M = Manager

  • Category: Business/Job Titles
  • GM Full Form in Arabic is: مدير عام
  • GM Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: مدير عام
  • GM Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 总经理

GM Full Form or meaning in Business and Job Titles sector is: General Manager

GM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of GM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Gambia Country Names GM
Group Message Networking GM
Bitmap Graphics (autologic Files) File Type GM
Games Made Sports GM
Game Monitor Sports GM
Guided Missile Military and Defence GM
Guidance Manager Military and Defence GM
Goodness Me! Messaging GM
Good Message Messaging GM
Good Morning Messaging GM
A Genetically Made Maths GM
Geological Modeler Earth Science GM
Gambling Man Sports GM
Games Master Sports GM
Geometric Mean Space Science GM
Gram Measurement Unit GM
Grams Measurement Unit GM
Gigametre Measurement Unit Gm
Guild Mistress Job Title GM
General Manager Job Title GM
Grand Matriarch Job Title GM
Gigameter Measurement Unit GM
Gram Measurement Unit gm.
Gold Master Job Title GM
Games Moderator Job Title GM
Game Master Sports GM
Get Me Messaging GM
General Motors Messaging GM
Gross Margin Accounts and Finance GM
Gaseous Mixture Space Science GM
Group Modem Military and Defence GM
Gunners Mate Military and Defence GM
Game Maker Softwares GM
GARMADI Indian Railway Station GM
Generally Modulated Electronics GM
Gutter Mouth Messaging GM
Good Mate Job Title GM
Gentle Men Job Title GM
Garbage Mover Job Title GM
Gaffe Monger Job Title GM

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