What is the full form of DG

DG Full Form is: Director General

D = Director  G = General

  • Category: Business/Job Titles
  • DG Full  Acronym Form in Hindi is: महानिर्देशक
  • DG Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Director general

DG Full Form or meaning in Business and Job Titles sector is: Director General

Other Significant Full Form of DG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Drafting Group Computer and Networking DG
Default Gateway Networking DG
Darling Girl Radio Science DG
Double Garage Real Estate DG
Double Glazing Real Estate DG
Director General (medical Services) Military and Defence DG
Discussion Groups Messaging DG
Discussion Group Messaging DG
Display Generator Space Science DG
Defense Guidance Military and Defence DG
Double Gun Military and Defence DG
DINDIGUL JN Indian Railway Station DG
Deep Ground Electronics DG
Diesel Generator Electronics DG
Distributed Generation Electronics DG

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