What is the full form of CBS

CBS Full Form is: Core Banking Solution

C = Core 

B = Banking 

S = Solution

CBS Full Form or meaning in Business and Banking sector is: Core Banking Solution

CBS or Core Banking Solution Pronunciation


CBS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CBS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Central Bank of Syria Banking CBS
Columbia Business School Academic CBS
Consolidated Banking Statistics Banking CBS
Cabimas Airport Code CBS
Certified Bull Sh Certifications CBS
Canadian Blood Services Computer Hardware CBS
College Basketball Station Educational Institute CBS
College of Biological Sciences Educational Institute CBS
Compton Backscattering Physics Related CBS
Certified Beer Server Messaging CBS
Cash Before Shipment Accounts and Finance CBS
Connector Bracket Signal Space Science CBS
Certified Banyan Specialist Job Title CBS
Certified Bilingual Secretary Job Title CBS
Certified Bioinformatics Specialist Job Title CBS
Conception Bay South Country Specific CBS
College Basketball Season Sports CBS
Customized Bike Suspension Sports CBS
Cuts Bicycling Short Sports CBS
Custom Battle System Military and Defence CBS
Common Battery Signaling Military and Defence CBS
Communist Bull Shit Military and Defence CBS
Cannot Bloody Shoot Military and Defence CBS
Corps Battle Simulation Military and Defence CBS
Corps Battle Simulator Military and Defence CBS
Core Battle Simulation Military and Defence CBS
Continuing Balance System Military and Defence CBS
Cost Breakdown Structure Military and Defence C

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