What is the full form of BPS

BPS Full Form is: Basis Points

  • Category: Business/Finance
  • BPS Full  Form in Hindi is: आधार अंक
  • BPS Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Punto base
  • BPS Full  Form in French is: Point de base
  • BPS Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: அடிமானப் புள்ளி

BPS Full Form or meaning in Business and Finance sector is: Basis Points

BPS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of BPS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
bits per second Information Technology bps
Bachelor Professional Studies Educational Degree BPS
Baud Per Second Telecommunication BPS
Backup Power Supply Computer Hardware BPS
Bata Positioning System Computer Hardware BPS
Bogomolnyi-prasad-sommerfield Physics Related BPS
Balls Per Second Sports BPS
Browning Pump Shotgun Military and Defence BPS
BANPAS Indian Railway Station BPS
Beeps Per Second Measurement Unit BPS
Bandwidth Per Second Measurement Unit BPS
Porto Seguro Airport Code BPS
Bullets Per Second Military and Defence BPS
Battlefield Planning System Military and Defence BPS
Ballistic Protection Series Military and Defence BP
Bytes Per Second Networking BPS
Binary Packet Speed Networking BPS
Bad Packet Summary Networking BPS
Text Document Backup (ms Works) File Type BPS
Building Planning System Softwares BPS

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