What is the full form of CAC

CAC Full Form is: Customer Acquisition Cost

  • CAC Category: Business Terms
  • CAC Full Form in Hindi is: ग्राहक अधिग्रहण लागत
  • CAC Full Form in Bengali is: গ্রাহক অধিগ্রহণ খরচ
  • CAC Full Form in Marathi is: ग्राहक संपादन खर्च
  • CAC Full Form in Tamil is: வாடிக்கையாளர் கையகப்படுத்தல் செலவு
  • CAC Full Form in Telegu is: కస్టమర్ సముపార్జన ఖర్చు

 Full Form or meaning of CAC in Business Terms sector is: Customer Acquisition Cost 


Other Significant Full Form of CAC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Certified Addiction Counselor Educational Degree CAC
Carrier Access Code Computer and Networking CAC
Connection Admission Control Computer and Networking CAC
Clinical Addictions Counselor Job Title CAC
Dbase Iv Executable When Caching On/ Off File Type CAC
Customer Account Code Banking CAC
Certified Alcoholism Counselor Certifications CAC
Cascavel Airport Code CAC
Certified Application Counselor Certifications CAC
Central Air Conditioning Real Estate CAC
Central Arizona College Educational Institute CAC
College and Career Educational Institute CAC
Combined Arms Center (formerly Combined Arms Command) Military and Defence CAC
Canadian Avalanche Centre Sports CAC
Current Actions Center Military and Defence CAC
Control Analysis Center Military and Defence CAC
Crisis Action Cell Military and Defence CAC
Casualty Area Command Military and Defence CAC
Common Access Card Military and Defence CAC


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