What is the full form of TS

TS Full Form is: Trend Stationary

T = Trend 

S = Stationary

  • Category: Banking
  • TS Full Form in Hindi is: ट्रेंड स्टेशनरी
  • TS Full Form in Bengali is: ট্রেন্ড স্থির
  • TS Full Form in Marathi is: ट्रेंड स्थिर
  • TS Full Form in Tamil is: நிலையான போக்கு
  • TS Full Form in Telegu is: ట్రెండ్ స్టేషనరీ

 Full Form or meaning of TS in Banking sector is: Trend Stationary


TS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
echnical Specification Computer and Networking TS
Time Slot (Q6/15) Computer and Networking TS
Tennis Supplies Sports TS
Tournament Soccer Sports TS
Target Specific Military and Defence TS
Top Secret Military and Defence TS
Test Set Military and Defence TS
Terminal Server Networking TS
Temporary Storage Computer Hardware TS
Test Statistic Maths TS
Time Series Maths TS
Tapering Stepsize Maths TS
Tangential Section Physics Related TS
Temperature Sensitive Chemistry TS
Total Solids Chemistry TS
Transient Static Electronics TS
Transparent Substrate Electronics TS
Total Surplus Accounts and Finance TS
Technical Support (ksc Directorate) Space Science TS
Tensile Strength Space Science TS
Traceability Serial Space Science TS
Tech Support Job Title TS
Tilt and Shift Computer Assembly Language TS
Time Step Electronics TS
Time Stamp Time TS
Team Speak Messaging TS
Terribly Sexy Messaging TS
Terribly Sad Messaging TS
Transition State Physics Related TS
Time-space Physics Related TS
Temporal Synchronization Physics Related TS
Trustee Sale Real Estate TS
Team Slayer Sports TS
Transaction Set Networking TS
Transport Stream Networking TS
Title Set Softwares TS
Telserver Softwares TS
Test Script Softwares TS
Total Strength Military and Defence TS
Training Support Military and Defence TS
Troop Strength Military and Defence TS
Technical Sergeant Military and Defence TS
Turn Starboard Military and Defence TS
Terminal Service Military and Defence TS
PCR Transport Stream Program Clock Reference Computer and Networking TS
Telecommunication Science Educational Degree TS
Telecom Server Telecommunication TS
Tip and Sleeve Telecommunication TS
Transaction Systems Networking TS
Test Site Space Science TS
Test Stand Space Science TS
Test Station Space Science TS
Time Scheduled Space Science TS
Timing System Space Science TS


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