What is the full form of MF

MF Full Form is: Mutual Fund

  • MF Category: Banking
  • MF Full  Form in Hindi is: परस्पर विभाजन
  • MF Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: পারস্পরিক বিভক্তি
  • MF Full  Form in Marathi is: परस्पर विभाजन
  • MF Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: பரஸ்பர நிதி
  • MF Full  Form in Telegu is: పరస్పర విభజన

 Full Form or meaning of MF in Banking sector is: Mutual Fund

MF Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Multi-tone Frequency Computer and Networking MF
Metricfiber Networking MF
fully protected hybrid systems (FCC Part 68 Form 730) Computer and Networking MF
Micro Fiber Chemistry MF
Saint-Martin (French part) Country Names MF
Multiple Frequency Telecommunication MF
Multi-frequency Electronics MF
Tex Metafont Text File File Type MF
Mozilla Firefox Softwares MF
Medium Farmer Banking MF
Methyl Formate Chemistry MF
Magnetic Field Electronics MF
Major Function Space Science MF
Mate and Ferry Space Science MF
Marginal Farmer Banking MF
Middeck Forward Space Science MF
Master Frame Space Science MF
Matched Filter Computer Hardware MF
Medium Frequency (300 To 3000 Khz) Space Science MF
Multi-field Database Management MF
Midfuselage Space Science MF
Mole Fraction Measurement Unit MF
Mean Fiddler Job Title MF
Method Flag Computer Assembly Language MF
Military Fitness Military and Defence MF
Medium Fast Computer Hardware MF
Mass Flowmeter Computer Hardware MF
Management FacilityMilitary and DefenceMF    
Mount Fuji Earth Science MF
Mantle Floor Earth Science MF
Multi-family Real Estate MF
Mutual Fund Stock Exchange MF
Main Football Sports MF
Men’s Foil ( Fencing) Sports MF
Mobile Facility Military and Defence MF
More Fragments Military and Defence MF
Missile Fire Military and Defence MF
Medium Frequency Information Technology MF

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