What is the full form of IMD

IMD Full Form is: India Millennium Deposits

I= India  M = Millennium  D = Deposits

IMD Full Form or meaning in Banking sector is: India Millennium Deposits

IMD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IMD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Inter Modulation Distortion Computer and Networking IMD
Inter-metal Dielectric Electronics IMD
Institute for Management Development Business Management IMD
Information Management Division Business Management IMD
Institutes of Mental Diseases Disease IMD
Insert Mounted Device Military and Defence IMD
Interactive Molecular Dynamics Physics Related IMD
Interim Multiple Dwelling Real Estate IMD
India Meteorological Department Department of Ministry of Earth Sciences IMD
Inter-modulation Device Electronics IMD
Inter-modulation Distortion Electronics IMD
Information Management Document Messaging IMD
Intermediate Space Science IMD
Imonda Airport Code IMD

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