What is the full form of IFSC

IFSC Full Form is: Indian Financial System Code

I = Indian 

F = Financial 

S = System 

C = Code

  • Category: Business/Banking
  • IFSC Full Abbreviation Form in Hindi is: भारतीय वित्तीय प्रणाली कोड
  • IFSC Full Form in Marathi is: भारतीय आर्थिक प्रणाली कोड
  • IFSC Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: இந்திய நிதிசார் முறைமைக் குறியீடு

IFSC Full Form or meaning in Business and Banking sector is: Indian Financial System Code

IFSC or Indian Financial System Code Pronunciation

IFSC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IFSC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
International Financial Services Commission (belize) Banking IFSC
International Federation of Sport Climbing Sports IFSC

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