What is the full form of FRL

FRL Full Form is: Full Reservoir Level

F = Full 

R = Reservoir 

L = Level

  • Category: Banking
  • FRL Full Form in Hindi is: पूर्ण जलाशय स्तर
  • FRL Full Form in Bengali is: সম্পূর্ণ জলাধার স্তর
  • FRL Full Form in Marathi is: पूर्ण जलाशय पातळी
  • FRL Full Form in Tamil is: முழு நீர்த்தேக்க நிலை
  • FRL Full Form in Telegu is: పూర్తి రిజర్వాయర్ స్థాయి

 Full Form or meaning of FRL in Banking sector is: Full Reservoir Level

FRL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of FRL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Library (gp-forth) File Type FRL
Forli Airport Code FRL
Future Retail Limited NSE Company Symbol FRL
Frame Reference Line Space Science FRL
Fuselage Reference Line Space Science FRL


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