What is the full form of DS

DS Full Form is: Difference Stationary

  • DS Category: Banking
  • DS Full Form in Hindi is: अंतर स्टेशनरी
  • DS Full Form in Bengali is: পার্থক্য নিশ্চল
  • DS Full Form in Marathi is: फरक स्थिर
  • DS Full Form in Tamil is: வேறுபாடு நிலையானது
  • DS Full Form in Telegu is: తేడా స్టేషనరీ

 Full Form or meaning of DS in Banking sector is: Difference Stationary

DS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Developer System Softwares DS
Data Service Telecommunication DS
Differentiated Services Networking DS
Dedicated Server Networking DS
Destination To Source Networking DS
Directory Services Networking DS
Distributed Systems Networking DS
Data Server Networking DS
Double Sampling Electronics DS
Digital Spy Softwares DS
Dual Screen Computer Technology DS
DASNA Indian Railway Station DS
Darmstadtium Chemistry Ds
Discontinuity Sample Chemistry DS
Digital System Electronics DS
Double-sided Electronics DS
Data Set Space Science DS
Dream Street Messaging DS
Dear Son Messaging DS
Dominance and Submission Messaging DS
Direct Sales Messaging DS
Destination Specialist Messaging DS
Deep Space Space Science DS
Data Storage Space Science DS
Day Spa Sports DS
Detective Sergeant Job Title DS
Digital Service Radio Science DS
Define Storage Computer Assembly Language DS
Double Screen Computer Assembly Language DS
Data Source Database Management DS
Double Scalar Maths DS
Stokes Diameter Physics Related Ds
Digital Signal Electronics DS
Defense Support Military and Defence DS
Dune Sport Sports DS
Dungeon Siege Sports DS
Delta Station Military and Defence DS
Double Shot Military and Defence DS
Direct Support Military and Defence DS
Dropside Military and Defence DS
Doctrine Sponsor Military and Defence DS
Distributed Software Military and Defence DS
Data System Military and Defence DS
Directorate for Information Systems and Services (dia) Military and Defence DS
Delayed Substitutions Sports DS



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