What is the full form of CP

CP Full Form is: Commercial Paper

C = Commercial  P = Paper

  • Category: Banking
  • CP Full  Form in Arabic is: ورقة تجارية مالية
  • CP Full Abbreviation Form in French is: Billet de trésorerie
  • CP Full  Form in Chinese is: 商業票據
  • CP Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: வணிக ஆவணம்

CP Full Form or meaning in Banking sector is: Commercial Paper

CP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Communications Protocol Computer and Networking CP
Continuous Presence (H.243) Computer and Networking CP
Customer Premises Computer and Networking CP
Creatine Phosphate Chemistry CP
Cathodic Protection Electronics CP
Constant Potential Electronics CP
Conductive Polymer Electronics CP
Continuous Propagation Electronics CP
Capability Performance Electronics CP
Chemically Pure Chemistry CP
Crude Protein Chemistry CP
Credit Points Accounts and Finance CP
Crash Pad Space Science CP
Controlled Planetary Space Science CP
Candle Power Space Science CP
Cargo Program Office Space Science CP
Center of Pressure Space Science CP
Chip Place Electronics CP
Process Capability Electronics Cp
Circular Polarized Electronics CP
Cutie Patootie Messaging CP
Created Posts Messaging CP
Contract Package Messaging CP
Control Panel Space Science CP
Control Point Space Science CP
Centipoise Measurement Unit CP
Certified Palmtherapist Job Title CP
Couch Potato Job Title CP
Certified Prosthetist Certifications CP
Circular Pitch Space Science CP
Cold Plate Space Science CP
Console Processor Space Science CP
Cyclic Permutation Maths CP
Critical Point Maths CP
Cyclic Prefix Maths CP
College Program Educational Institute CP
Central Peak Earth Science CP
Coulomb Potential Physics Related CP
Compact Precision Computer Assembly Language CP
Computing Power Computer Hardware CP
Color Printer Computer Hardware CP
Central Processor Computer Hardware CP
Closure Preserving Maths CP
Completely Positive Maths CP
Contribution Points Sports CP
Can’t Play Sports CP
Card Points Sports CP
Collection Point Military and Defence CP
Contact Point Military and Defence CP
Counterproliferation Military and Defence CP
Critical Power Physics Related CP
Critical Pair Physics Related CP
Cheer Points Sports CP
Championship Points Sports CP
Communication Problem Military and Defence CP
Check Point Military and Defence CP
Counterplan Military and Defence CP
Choke Point Military and Defence CP
Cyclical Prefix Computer and Networking CP
Charging Party Telecommunication CP
Command Post Military and Defence CP
Correction Processor Military and Defence CP
Co-pilot Military and Defence CP
Command Processor Military and Defence CP
Closest Point Military and Defence CP
Capacity Planning Military and Defence CP
Cell Phone Telecommunication CP
Call Processing Telecommunication CP
Computer Computer Technology CP
CHITPUR Indian Railway Station CP

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