What is the full form of CCR

CCR Full Form is: Counterfeit Currency Report

C = Counterfeit 

C = Currency 

R = Report

  • Category: Banking
  • CCR Full Form in Hindi is: नकली मुद्रा रिपोर्ट
  • CCR Full Form in Bengali is: জাল মুদ্রা রিপোর্ট
  • CCR Full Form in Marathi is: बनावट चलन अहवाल
  • CCR Full Form in Tamil is: போலி நாணய அறிக்கை
  • CCR Full Form in Telegu is: నకిలీ కరెన్సీ నివేదిక

 Full Form or meaning of CCR in Banking sector is: Counterfeit Currency Report

CCR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CCR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Call Connect Reliability Computer and Networking CCR
Comparison Category Rating Computer and Networking CCR
Cost-to-charge Ratio Healthcare CCR
Centre for Chaotic Repeatability Physics Related CCR
Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions Real Estate CCR
Crystal Creek Rabbitry Sports CCR
Command Conference Room Military and Defence CCR
Central Control Room Military and Defence CCR
Control Center Rack Space Science CCR
Corner Cube Retroflector Space Science CCR
Certified Collegiate Retailer Certifications CCR
Compound Condition Routine Computer Assembly Language CCR
Condition Code Register Computer Assembly Language CCR
College Community Rockland Educational Institute CCR
College of Court Reporting Educational Institute CCR
Configuration Change Request Space Science CCR
Customer Care Representative Job Title CCR
Concord (ca) Airport Code CCR
Continuing Certification Requirements Certifications CCR
Closed Circuit Refueling Military and Defence CCR
Central Contractor Registry Military and Defence CCR
Customer Controlled Reconfiguration Telecommunication CCR
CHINCHURIA Indian Railway Station CCR
Continuous Catalyst Re-generation Chemistry CCR
Circle Computer Resources Accounts and Finance CCR
Contractor Change Request Space Science CCR



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