What is the full form of ALM

ALM Full Form is: Asset Liability Management

  • ALM Category: Banking
  • ALM Full Form in Hindi is: परिसंपत्ति देयता प्रबंधन
  • ALM Full Form in Bengali is: সম্পদ দায় ব্যবস্থাপনা
  • ALM Full Form in Marathi is: मालमत्ता दायित्व व्यवस्थापन
  • ALM Full Form in Tamil is: சொத்து பொறுப்பு மேலாண்மை
  • ALM Full Form in Telegu is: ఆస్తి బాధ్యత నిర్వహణ

 Full Form or meaning of ALM in Banking sector is: Asset Liability Management

ALM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ALM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Association for Linen Management Business Management ALM
Alarm Space Science ALM
Appware Loadable Module Softwares ALM
Asset Lifecycle Management Business Management ALM
ALAMANDA Indian Railway Station ALM
Application Lifecycle Management Softwares ALM
Alamogordo (nm) Airport Code ALM
All Luggage Missing File Type ALM



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