What is the full form of ACM

ACM Full Form is: Association for Computing Machinery

A = Association 

C = Computing 

M = Machinery

  • Category: Associations/Organizations
  • ACM Full Form in Hindi is: संगणक तंत्र संस्था
  • ACM Full Form in Bengali is: কম্পিউটিং মেশিনের পরিষদ
  • ACM Full Form in Marathi is: असोसिएशन फॉर कॉम्प्युटिंग मशिनरी
  • ACM Full Form in Tamil is: கணினி இயந்திரங்களுக்கான சங்கம்
  • ACM Full Form in Telegu is: అసోసియేషన్ ఫర్ కంప్యూటింగ్ మెషినరీ

 Full Form or meaning of ACM in Associations and Organizations sector is: Association for Computing Machinery

Other Significant Full Form of ACM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Address Complete Message Computer and Networking ACM
Active Component Military Military and Defence ACM
Advanced Conventional Munitions Military and Defence ACM
Advanced Cruise Missile Military and Defence ACM
Air Combat Maneuver Military and Defence ACM
Air Contingency Magtf (marine Air-ground Task Force) Military and Defence ACM
Alternate Control Module Softwares ACM
Airimba Connection Manager Softwares ACM
Adiabatic Connection Model Physics Related ACM
Adams Capital Management Business Management ACM
Additional Crew Member Military and Defence ACM
Asbestos Containing Materials Military and Defence ACM
Airspace Control Measures Military and Defence ACM
Absolute Characteristic Maxima Electronics ACM
Audio Codec Manager Job Title ACM
Arica Airport Code ACM
Agglomeration Coarse Matrix Database Management ACM
Audio Codec (coder-decoder) Module Computer Hardware ACM
Alternative Calculation Method Maths ACM
Associated Colleges of The Midwest Educational Institute ACM
Autonomous Crack Monitoring Earth Science ACM
Air Combat Maneuvers Military and Defence ACM
Aerial Combat Maneuvers Military and Defence ACM
Anormal Chemical Material Chemistry ACM
Astrocyte-conditioned Medium Chemistry ACM
Aluminium Composite Material Chemistry ACM
Audio Compression Manager Electronics ACM
Aluminum Conductor Material Electronics ACM
Airspace Coordinating Measure Military and Defence ACM
Asynchronous Communication Method Networking ACM
Abstract Control Model Networking ACM
Audio Compression Module Add-on (windows) File Type ACM
Graphics File (acmb Format) File Type ACM
Application Compatibility Module Softwares ACM


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