What is the full form of ATD

ATD Full Form is: Advice Transfer Debit

  • ATD Category: Accounts and Finance
  • ATD Full Form in Hindi is:  सलाह हस्तांतरण डेबिट
  • ATD Full Form in Bengali is: উপদেশ স্থানান্তর ডেবিট
  • ATD Full Form in Marathi is: सल्ला हस्तांतरण डेबिट
  • ATD Full Form in Tamil is: ஆலோசனை பரிமாற்ற பற்று
  • ATD Full Form in Telegu is: సలహా బదిలీ డెబిట్

 Full Form or meaning of ATD in Accounts and Finance sector is: Advice Transfer Debit

ATD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ATD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Digital Working Group (TC AT) Computer and Networking ATd
Art Teaching Diploma Educational Degree ATD
Aviation Test Directorate Military and Defence ATD
Adjustment Transfer Debit Accounts and Finance ATD
Atoifi Airport Code ATD
Applied To Deductible Accounts and Finance ATD
Automated Trading Desk Stock Exchange ATD
Automatic Take Down Sports ATD
Aerosol Transmissible Disease Disease ATD
Advanced Technology Demonstration Military and Defence ATD



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