What is the full form of TC

TC Full Form is: Transfer Certificate

T = Transfer 

C = Certificate

 TC Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Educational sector is: Transfer Certificate

TC or Transfer Certificate Pronunciation


TC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Ticket Checker Transport TC
Temperature Control Physics Related TC
Thermal Conductivity Physics Related TC
Transmission Convergence Physics Related TC
Top Cap Stock Exchange TC
Tiemco Cut Sports TC
Tai Chi Sports TC
AT Technical Committee Access and Terminals (ETSI) Computer and Networking TC
HF Technical Committee Human Factor (ETSI) Computer and Networking TC
SP Technical Committee Speech Processing Computer and Networking TC
Turks and Caicos Islands Country Names TC
Tracking Camera Space Science TC
Terrestrial Class Space Science TC
Telecommand Space Science TC
Technology Consultant Job Title TC
Tennis Coach Job Title TC
Top Cop Job Title TC
Turbo C Configuration File File Type TC
Termcap File Type TC
Total Commander Softwares TC
Tab Crawler Softwares TC
Temperature Controlled Chemistry TC
Critical Temperature Chemistry Tc
Theoretical Chemistry Chemistry TC
Total Confusion Military and Defence TC
Tunnel Coordinates Military and Defence TC
Total Conversion Military and Defence TC
Target Concept Military and Defence TC
Tidal Current Military and Defence TC
Transmit Clock And/or Telemetry Combiner Military and Defence TC
Test Control Electronics TC
Turnover Commission Banking TC
Take Care Messaging TC
Too Cool Messaging TC
Too Cute Messaging TC
Thread Count Messaging TC
Topic Centric Messaging TC
Too Cynical Messaging TC
Totally Clueless Messaging TC
Tough Cookie Messaging TC
Target Costing Accounts and Finance TC
Total Cost Accounts and Finance TC
Telecommunications Space Science TC
Temperature Compensating Space Science TC
Test Conductor Space Science TC
Thermal Control Space Science TC
Thermocouple Space Science TC
Thiokol Corporation Space Science TC
Thrust Chamber Space Science TC
Time To Circular Space Science TC
Traceability Code Space Science TC
Technetium Chemistry Tc
Temperature Compensated Chemistry TC
Time Constant Electronics TC
Tesla Coil Electronics TC
Timely Cycle Electronics TC
Technical Component Electronics TC
Time Check Computer Assembly Language TC
Temperature Controller Computer Hardware TC
Transitive Closure Maths TC
Tuple Classification Maths TC
True Conjugate Maths TC
Teachers College Educational Institute TC
Teachers’ College Educational Institute TC
Tallbot College Educational Institute TC
Technical Communication Educational Degree TC
Telephone Call Telecommunication TC
Terminating Channel Telecommunication TC
Thin Client Networking TC
Transport Convergence Networking TC
Temporary Correction Networking TC
Thigh Circumference Sports TC
Technical Contact Sports TC
Tour Chrome Sports TC
Tekken Central Sports TC
True Crew Sports TC
Training Circular Military and Defence TC
Transportation Corps (army) Military and Defence TC
Transmission Control Military and Defence TC
Tin Can Military and Defence TC
Tiger Cat Military and Defence TC
Type Code Military and Defence TC
Transportation Coordinator Military and Defence TC
Transportation Corps Military and Defence TC
Test Comprehensiveness Military and Defence TC
Transition Component Military and Defence TC
Type Classification Military and Defence TC
Tactical Computer Military and Defence TC
Technical Committee Computer and Networking TC
Telecommunications Closet Computer and Networking TC
Test Case Computer and Networking TC
Transaction Capabilities Computer and Networking TC
Trellis Coded Computer and Networking TC
Turbo Convolutional Computer and Networking TC

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