What is the full form of SCR

SCR Full Form is: Silicon Controlled Rectifier

S = Silicon  C = Controlled  R = Rectifier

  • Category: Academic & Science/Electronics
  • SCR Full  Form in Hindi is: सिलिकॉन कन्ट्रोल्ड रेक्टिफायर
  • SCR Full Abbreviation Form in Arabic is: مقوم سيليكوني متحكم به
  • SCR Full Acronym Form in Spanish is: Rectificador controlado de silicio

SCR Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Electronics sector is: Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SCR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SCR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
South Central Railway Indian Ministry of Railways SCR
Selective Call Rejection Computer and Networking SCR
Seychelles Rupee Country Currency SCR
Stranded Costs Recovered Accounts and Finance SCR
Stripchart Recorder Space Science SCR
Software Configuration Review Space Science SCR
Schedule Change Request Space Science SCR
Sneak Circuit Report Space Science SCR
Fax Image File Type SCR
Screen File File Type SCR
Locoscript Screen Font File Type SCR
Windows 3.x Screen Saver File Type SCR
Selective Catalytic Reduction Chemistry SCR
Simultaneous Confidence Regions Maths SCR
Space Charge Region Physics Related SCR
Senior Common Room Real Estate SCR
Sports Compact Racing Sports SCR
Smart Card Reader Military and Defence SCR
Software Change Request Space Science SCR
Scranton (pa) Airport Code SCR
Wilkes-barre (pa) Airport Code SCR
Single Call Ring Computer Assembly Language SCR
System Clock Reference Computer Hardware SCR
Signal Corps Radio Military and Defence SCR
Senior Command Representative Military and Defence SCR
Source Code Review Military and Defence SCR
Send Configure Request Networking SCR
Microsoft Screen Capture Format Screen Snapshop File Type SCR
Autocad Script File Type SCR
Colorix Or Sun Rasterfile Bitmap Graphics File Type SCR
Debug Source Code File File Type SCR

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