What is the full form of PSLV

PSLV Full Form is: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

P = Polar 

S = Satellite 

L = Launch 

V = Vehicle

  • Category: Academic & Science/Astronomy & Space Science
  • PSLV Full Form in Hindi is: ध्रुवीय उपग्रह प्रमोचन वाहन
  • PSLV Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: মেরু উপগ্রহ উৎক্ষেপণ যান
  • PSLV Full Form in Marathi is: पी.एस.एल.व्ही.
  • PSLV Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: முனைய துணைக்கோள் ஏவுகலம்
  • PSLV Full Form in Telegu is: పిఎస్‌ఎల్‌వి

PSLV Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Astronomy & Space Science sector is: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSLV or Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle Pronunciation

PSLV Full Form

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