What is the full form of POP Plaster of Paris

POP Full Form is: Plaster of Paris

P = Plaster 

O = of 

P = Paris

POP Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Constructions sector is: Plaster of Paris

POP or Plaster of Paris Pronunciation

POP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of POP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Point of Presence Information Technology POP
Post Office Protocol Networking POP
Pass On Packet Networking POP
Messages Index (popmail) File Type POP
Preflight Operations Procedures Space Science POP
Prelaunch Operations Plan Space Science POP
Program Operating Plan Space Science POP
Puerto Plata Airport Code POP
Pop A Word From The Stack Computer Assembly Language POP
Performance Optimized Program Computer Assembly Language POP
Perpendicular-to-orbit Plane Space Science POP
Polar Orbiting Platform Space Science POP
Preburner Oxidizer Pump Space Science POP
Population Military and Defence POP
Pop-up Menu Object (dbase Application Generator) File Type POP
Persistent Organic Pollutant Chemistry POP
Proof of Payment Banking POP
Pissing Off People Messaging POP
Premises of Post Messaging POP
Point of Purchase Accounts and Finance POP

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