What is the full form of PCB

PCB Full Form is: Printed Circuit Board

P = Printed 

C = Circuit 

B = Board

  • Category: Academic & Science/Electronics
  • PCB Full Form in Hindi is: प्रिन्टेड सर्किट बोर्ड
  • PCB Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: প্রিন্টেড সার্কিট বোর্ড
  • PCB Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: மின்சுற்றுப் பலகை

PCB Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Electronics sector is: Printed Circuit Board

PCB or Printed Circuit Board Pronunciation

PCB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PCB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Process Control Block Information Technology PCB
Power Cut Back Computer and Networking PCB
Protocol Control Block Networking PCB
Project Control Board Business Management PCB
Porkipicus Coccus Bacillus Disease PCB
Pakistan Cricket Board Sports PCB
Poly Chlorinated Biphenol Military and Defence PCB
Physics Chemistry Biology Academic PCB
P-cad Database File File Type PCB
Pondok Cabe Airport Code PCB
Pennsylvania Certification Board Certifications PCB
Power Control Board Computer Hardware PCB
Program Control Block Softwares PCB
Polychlorinated Biphenyls Chemistry PCB
Power Circuit Breaker Space Science PCB
Power Control Box Space Science PCB
Product Configuration Baseline Space Science PCB

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