What is the full form of NC

NC Full Form is: Normally Closed

N = Normally  C = Closed

NC Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Electronics sector is: Normally Closed

NC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of NC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Network Codes Computer and Networking NC
New Caledonia Country Names NC
Next Call Telecommunication NC
Network Computing Networking NC
Unidata Netcdf Graphics File File Type NC
Cams Instructions for Numerical Control Machine File Type NC
Geos Non-error-checking Pre-processed Goc Source Code File File Type NC
Non-catalysed Chemistry NC
Node Controller Networking NC
No Connect Networking NC
Network Control Networking NC
Normally Closed Electronics NC
Numerical Control Electronics NC
Noise Cancelling Electronics NC
No Comment! Messaging NC
No Cash Accounts and Finance NC
Non-compliance Accounts and Finance NC
Not Counted Chemistry NC
Nickel Cadmium Chemistry NC
Neutral Current Electronics NC
No Conductor Electronics NC
No Comment Space Science NC
Noise Criteria Space Science NC
Normal Corrective Maneuver Space Science NC
North Central Country Specific NC
Northern Cape Country Specific NC
Not Cheap Accounts and Finance NC
No Credit Accounts and Finance NC
Non Collectible Accounts and Finance NC
National Coarse Space Science NC
No Change Space Science NC
Native Compiled Computer Assembly Language NC
No Clobber Database Management NC
No Column Database Management NC
Noise Cancellation Computer Hardware NC
Natural Casing Computer Hardware NC
No Carry Computer Assembly Language NC
New Clock Computer Assembly Language NC
No Convergence Maths NC
No Correlation Maths NC
Not Calculable Maths NC
Newcomb College Educational Institute NC
New Coherence Physics Related NC
Not Connected Computer Hardware NC
Network Computer Computer Hardware NC
Non-chargeable Computer Hardware NC
Numerical Calculation Maths NC
Not Converged Maths NC
Not Compete Sports NC
Non Competitive Sports NC
Not Commenced Military and Defence NC
Nodal Controller Military and Defence NC
Node Center Military and Defence NC
Non-conservative Physics Related NC
No Coupon Stock Exchange NC
Nordic Combined Sports NC
Non Compensatable Military and Defence NC
Net Centric Military and Defence NC
No Contact Military and Defence NC
Nurse Corps Military and Defence NC
Network Channel Telecommunication NC
No Connection Telecommunication NC
Naming Context Networking NC
Neill Concelman Networking NC
Not Compatible Networking NC

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