What is the full form of MSW

MSW Full Form is: Master of Social Work

M = Master

S = Social

W = Work 

  • Category: Academic & Science/Academic Degree
  • MSW Full Form in Chinese is: 社会工作专业硕士
  • MSW Full Form in Serbian is: Мастер социјалног рада

MSW Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Academic Degree sector is: Master of Social Work

MSW or Master of Social Work Pronunciation

MSW Full Form

The acronym MSW stands for Master of Social Work. The MSW course provides practical training and classroom study. Theory classes are made up of case studies, group discussions, and presentations. Practical training makes students aware of social realities and other workplaces and helps them apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations.

There are certain basic requirements to be considered for this course. Candidates must have a minimum graduation degree and should have a reasonable GPA. Some universities require an entrance exam, while others do not.

The average salary of MSW graduates ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to seven lakhs per year. You must have a higher secondary degree or at least 50% of the required marks to be eligible for this course. You can apply through various universities and colleges for this course.

The fee can be anywhere from Rs. 8000 to 70,000. Most of the colleges accept the Milia Islamia MA Entrance Examination and the Tata Institute of Science and Technology Social Work Entrance Exam.

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