What is the full form of HM

HM Full Form is: HeadMistress / HeadMaster

H = Head M = Mistress / Master

HM Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Universities & Institutions sector is: HeadMistress / HeadMaster

HM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of HM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Hydrography and Meteorology Educational Degree HM
Holistic Nurse Educational Degree HM
Hectometer Measurement Unit hm
Hectometre Measurement Unit hm
History Makers Job Title HM
Head Madam Job Title HM
House Mate Real Estate HM
Howdy Mike Messaging HM
Hinge Mount Space Science HM
Hektometre Measurement Unit HM
Hotel Management Business Management HM
Home Management Business Management HM
Honor Match Sports HM
Hazardous Material Military and Defence HM
Helmineron Military Military and Defence HM
Her Majesty’s Military and Defence HM
Help Machine Softwares HM
HADMATIYA JN Indian Railway Station HM
Harmonic Midline Electronics HM
High Modulation Electronics HM
Help Me Messaging HM

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