What is the full form of EVS

EVS Full Form is: Environmental Studies

E & V = Environmental 

S = Studies

  • Category: Academic & Science/Academic Degree
  • EVS Full Form in Hindi is:
  • EVS Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: পরিবেশ বিদ্যা
  • EVS Full Form in Spanish is: Estudios ambientales
  • EVS Full Acronym Form in Arabic is: دراسات بيئية
  • EVS Full Form in Japanese is: 環境学

EVS Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Academic Degree sector is: Environmental Studies

EVS or Environmental Studies Pronunciation


EVS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of EVS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
European Voluntary Service Policies & Procedures EVS
Equipment Visibility System Space Science EVS
Extra-vehicular Suit Space Science EVS
Electronic Variable Speed Stock Exchange EVS

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