What is the full form of CS

CS Full Form is: Computer Science

C = Computer

S = Science

  • Category: Academic & Science/Information Technology
  • CS Full Form in Hindi is: कम्प्यूटर विज्ञान
  • CS Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: কম্পিউটার বিজ্ঞান
  • CS Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: கணினியியல்
  • CS Full Form in Telegu is: కంప్యూటరు శాస్త్రం

CS Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Information Technology sector is: Computer Science

CS or  Computer Science Pronunciation

CS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Canadian Standard Computer and Networking CS
Circuit Switched Computer and Networking CS
Classical Studies Educational Degree CS
Computing Studies Educational Degree CS
Concurrent Session Networking CS
Crystal Space Softwares CS
Comfort Shift Softwares CS
CANNANORE SOUTH Indian Railway Station CS
Composite State Chemistry CS
Caesium Chemistry Cs
2-chlorobenzylidene Malonontrile Chemistry CS
Cesium Chemistry Cs
Circuit Simulator Electronics CS
Current Sensing Electronics CS
Cool Stuff Messaging CS
Code Segment Computer Assembly Language CS
Character String Computer Assembly Language CS
Capture Stack Computer Assembly Language CS%
Compensator Specification Computer Hardware CS
Chern-simons Physics Related CS
Common Stock Stock Exchange CS
Car Sport Sports CS
Cabin Sailer Sports CS
Clean Sweep Sports CS
Camper Sniping Sports CS
Carolina Spartan Sports CS
Caught Stealing Sports CS
Calgary Stampede Sports CS
Counter Strike Military and Defence CS
Call Sign Military and Defence CS
Chaplain Service Military and Defence CS
Circuit Switch Military and Defence CS
Civil Support Military and Defence CS
Coastal Station Military and Defence CS
Capture Stack Computer Assembly Language CS
Construction Supervision Messaging CS
County Saddlery Messaging CS
Connect Server Networking CS
Cluster Size Networking CS
Client-server Networking CS
Cache Size Softwares CS
Cube Script Softwares CS
Costly Software Softwares CS
Consumables Status Space Science CS
Control Segment Space Science CS
Core Segment Space Science CS

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