What is the full form of CC

CC Full Form is: Cubic capacity

C = Cubic  C = Capacity

CC Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science  and Units sector is: Cubic capacity

CC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cubic Centimeter Measurement CC
AC Chair Car Indian Railways CC
Chip Carrier Electronics CC
Coiled Coil Electronics CC
Common Cathode Electronics CC
Closed Circuit Electronics cc
Communication Capability field Computer and Networking CC
Conference Call Computer and Networking CC
Continuity Check (Rec. I.610) Computer and Networking CC
Control Channel Computer and Networking CC
Confined To Camp (punishment) Military and Defence CC
Critical Capability Military and Defence CC
Concentration Camp Military and Defence CC
Clearing Course Military and Defence CC
Client Capability Networking CC
Courtesy Copy Networking CC
C++ Language Source Code File (gcc) File Type CC
Cc Language Source Code File File Type CC
CHAURI CHAURA Indian Railway Station CC
Certified Cheque Banking CC
Code of Conduct Banking cc
Come Closer Messaging CC
Cute Couple Messaging CC
Cash Credit Banking CC
Chief Cashier Banking CC
Chamber of Commerce Banking CC
Chief Counsel Space Science CC
Communications Control Space Science CC
Crew Compartment Space Science CC
Crew Certified Space Science CC
Cutie Cutie Messaging CC
Cash Commodity Accounts and Finance CC
Card Cash Accounts and Finance CC
Credit Card Accounts and Finance CC
Cost Center Accounts and Finance CC
Carbon-carbon Space Science CC
Channel Controller Space Science CC
Contaminant Control Space Science CC
Curvilinear Co-ordinates Measurement Unit CC
Cubic Centimeter Measurement Unit cc.
Circus Chimp Job Title CC
Chief of Communications Job Title CC
Condition Code Computer Assembly Language CC
Clear The Command Computer Assembly Language CC
Carry Clear Computer Assembly Language CC
Cache Coherent Computer Hardware CC
Color Compensating Computer Hardware CC
Compact Computer Computer Hardware CC
Complex Conjugate Maths CC
Conjugated Complex Maths CC
Correlation Coefficient Maths CC
Convex Combination Maths CC
Convexo-concave Maths CC
College Confidential Educational Institute CC
Colorado College Educational Institute CC
Cane Creek Earth Science CC
Conservation of Charge Physics Related CC
Cricket Club Sports CC
Conference Champion Sports CC
Clutch Catches Sports CC
Crew Change Sports CC
Car Craft Sports CC
Component Command Military and Defence CC
Capitán De Corbeta Military and Defence CC
Carbon Composites Military and Defence CC
Central Control Military and Defence CC
Close Combat Military and Defence CC
Communication Center Military and Defence CC
Compilation Control Military and Defence CC
Criteria Check Military and Defence CC
Command Center Military and Defence CC
Coal Controller Indian Ministry of Coal CC
C Compiler Information Technology cc
Call Control Computer and Networking CC
Common Carrier Computer and Networking CC
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Country Names CC
Chief Complaint Medical CC
Cluster Controller Networking CC
Check Cookies Networking CC

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