What is the full form of ADCA

ADCA Full Form is: Advance Diploma in Computer Applications

A = Advance 

D = Diploma 

C = Computer 

A = Applications

ADCA Full Form or meaning in Academic & Science and Academic Degree sector is: Advance Diploma in Computer Applications

ADCA or Advance Diploma in Computer Applications Pronunciation


The acronym ADCA stands for “Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications.”

What is an ADCA course?

The course consists of computer classes. It is taught by qualified teachers. Students who complete the course will have a job in the computer industry. This course consists of two parts: the theory portion and the practical component. Each component is a distinct unit of study, with each unit focusing on a specific topic. To begin your training, you’ll need to choose a computer course. 

The syllabus for an ADCA course varies from college to college, but most of them offer common applications. To find an institute offering an ADCA course, you’ll want to consider its accreditation and quality. The prerequisites for admission vary by college, so make sure to check the requirements of each school before applying. You’ll need to pass the 12th grade in order to apply for an ADCA course. If you do not have that level of experience, consider a certificate program instead.

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